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Fake tradie andrew macrae says hes the real deal and slams vicious social media campaign

THE Liberals’ now nationally ­famous ‘Real Tradie’ Andrew MacRae has hit out at his attackers who peppered social media with insults after he appeared in a Liberal election TV ad.

Speaking from his Lane Cove home on Tuesday, Mr MacRae, a metal worker, said his friends and family worried for his wellbeing after unions launched a vicious social media campaign against his TV ad, claiming he was an actor and Liberal stooge.

He described the keyboard warriors behind the fake tradie hashtag as foolish and crazy.

It is foolish and they are crazy to push such a lie, Mr MacRae, 50, said.

I am the real deal. I am not an actor and I am freaked out by all of this.

Mr MacRae said he had never been a member of the Liberal Party and laughed off suggestions his clothes were too clean in the commercial.

Mate, you can see me now where Im tired and Ive just come home from a long days work, he said.

The whole thing is crazy. Im a tradie and I work all over Sydney.

Mr MacRaes primary income is derived from being a metal fabricator but he is also involved in the real estate industry.

Im not going to let it get to me, he said.

Ill just enjoy my five minutes of fame and get on with being the real tradie.

The prime time commercial features Mr MacRae in a high-vis vest on a building site, who says the opposition has declared war on banks, mining and blue-collar workers.

Bill Shorten even wants to go to war with me. Someone who just wants to get ahead through an investment property. I reckon we should just stick it through, and stick with the current mob for a while, he says in the 30-second ad.

the Courier Mail has done an incredibly detailed fact-check infographic on the #faketradie

Choked on my bacon and egg roll when I heard the Libs announced I'm a real tradie. Next they'll be announcing real action on climate change.

I'm tired of people questioning my credentials. I'm as genuine as an Eddie MCGuire apology and a Malcolm Turnbull promise.

One of Mr MacRaes friends Domenico Coviello, who works as a tiler, said he should get an Oscar for his acting prowess and the investment property referred to in the ad.

Not a bad acting performance for a tradie hope he gets an Oscar. Hope he gets his investment property after this episode. Will have earned it. Good on him for standing up for what he believes. More people should do it, Mr Coviello said.

Hes not an actor, have worked with him on several jobs and hes fun to be around, doesnt take himself too seriously and hope this works out for him. Hope he gets an Oscar for it.

I really dont know what the big deal about his identity is, its clearly written in the credits of the ad he appears in.

What is negative gearing and why should i care

UNLESS you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, you would have heard a lot of talk about negative gearing and proposed government changes to it.

But what does it actually mean? Allow us to explain.

Gearing is just a fancy financial term associated with investment properties and repayments on mortgages.

Positive gearing is when the rental income on an investment property is greater than the loan repayments, so you are making a profit straight up.

Neutral gearing is when the rental income meets the loan repayments.

And negative gearing is when your loan repayments are higher than your rental income, meaning youre losing money.

So, why is it used in a positive sense when youre actually making a loss?

Lets say you borrow money from the bank to buy an investment property and your loan repayments are $1,000 per week. You get $900 per week in rent, but that still leaves you $100 out of pocket.

Over the year, this adds up to $5,200 youll need to cough up to cover the costs of your mortgage. This is where the government comes in to the picture.

Under the current laws, you can offset that loss against your tax, so youre getting your money back at the cost of taxpayers. On top of this, assuming the value of your property rises - lets say, by $40,000 - youve still made money, regardless of the helping hand.

So why is everyone up in arms about this at the moment and why should you care? Opposition Leader Bill Shorten wants to limit negative gearing to new dwellings only, starting in 2017.

The suggestion has been met with a mixed response, with many property experts slamming the idea, claiming the changes will push property owners to raise rents and drive house prices up even further.

On the other side of the coin, when negative gearing was removed in the mid 1980s, rents didnt go up in spectaculary fashion.

The property lobby also claims mum and dad investors will be hurt the most. Other experts are saying that is just not true.

Whether you buy into those claims or not, the statistics provided by the RBA suggest negative gearing is used overwhelmingly by wealtheir, older people. AKA the baby boomers, otherwise known as the generation that likes to badmouth Gen Y for being slackers, even though they had it easy. But now Im just ranting.

Like any big topic in the political spotlight, it can be confusing, and can leave you asking whether its even worth giving a damn about.

At the end of the day, whether it affects you directly or not, you should arm yourself with enough knowledge. Then, when it comes time to decide which middle-aged white man should run the country, you can choose the one whos actually in the countrys best interests.

From GQ Magazine

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